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Lean Six Sigma is a globally validated methodology for the long-term and demonstrable restructuring of systems and companies. It proposes a mechanism for companies to consistently deliver observable results (DMAIC, or Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) while improving performance. The only thing left to do is focus on and bring into the systems what users need the most. There’s nothing else to say. This approach reduces expenses while increasing customer loyalty and shortening lead times. The strength of this approach is that it makes use of previous knowledge and experience of existing systems.

We use Lean Six Sigma at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Pennsylvania to improve processes and performance. Lean’s goal is to maximize flow and benefit. Six Sigma looks to implement systems that are robust and functional. They are completely interchangeable and reinforce each other when used together.

LSS Pennsylvania - locations

What are Six Sigma’s advantages for companies in Pennsylvania?

The below are some of the advantages of Six Sigma for businesses:

  • Profitability is increased, and waste is reduced
  • The focus on the customer is improved
  • It results in a long-term transition to success
  • Establishes a plan of action and objectives
  • Encourages continuous learning and growth

According to the results, both production and service companies charged a high price to improve their companies’ efficiency. In certain cases, these expenses have amounted to up to half of their organization’s total expenses.

The results show that “active work” accounts for less than 10% of the process cycle time. The rest of the activities are made up of waste, reprocessing, and other non-value-added methods.

What are the various roles in Lean Six Sigma?

Improving the System can be a difficult process. If the right person with the right Lean Six Sigma expertise is involved, a real and long-term transformation will occur. The various capacities are depicted in this example. The main functions of Lean Six Sigma are as follows:

  • Yellow Belt: This is the fundamental level of Lean Six Sigma. The Green and Black Belt processes’ main tasks have been achieved. Yellow Belts work in project teams and are taught “just-in-time” execution.
  • Green Belt: Build and manage Lean Six Sigma projects. Green Belts have some Lean Six Sigma exposure, whilst all Black Belts do. Others have received JIT training (just-in-time).
  • Black Belt: They submit under a Master Black Belt; have a thorough knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. The responsibilities of a Black Belt include project team consultant, mentor, teacher, and group chief.
  • Master Black Belt: The Master Black Belt’s function is to work with leaders to identify deviations and (improvement) measures. Coaching and guiding others, acting as a mentor, and completing individual tasks; all while working on a company’s command of Lean Six Sigma and behavioral change process.

How do you incorporate top management in Pennsylvania successfully?

We hold an executive launch session at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Pennsylvania to include senior management early in the implementation preparation process. These meetings are organized by the CEO or COO in collaboration with the Software Deployment Coordinator and include director presentations and key collaborators. Following the CEO’s priorities, a typical Lean Six Sigma launch can encourage an understanding of what Lean and Six Sigma are. The senior management team will then be able to integrate the deployment strategy, make decisions, and schedule essential operational and management activities and habits.

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