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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a data-driven project management discipline that seeks to eradicate defects in all processes. Six standard deviations are sought to differentiate between the median and the closest specification boundary. Lean Six Sigma evaluates not only productivity but also the quality of products and services. Amazon, 3M, and Boeing are only a few of the companies that have used Lean Six Sigma. Although Lean Six Sigma is not always the main standard in any of these corporations’ sectors, it does produce good results when used appropriately. We’ve answered a few questions below to provide more details.

LSS Pennsylvania -Lean Six Sigma Certification

Why should you get certified?

Lean Six Sigma Certification is sought after by companies because it has pre-designed tools and protocols for further improving a company’s processes. The primary process of certification is to identify individuals who understand how to detect and prevent errors in procedures.

Where do I begin?

Participation in our Lean Six Sigma program is beneficial even though you are not in a Six Sigma role. Depending on your plans, you will be able to obtain your Green Belt Certification and potentially advance to full-time positions and similar certifications. Beginning with Yellow Belt, you can advance to Green Belt and Black Belt Certifications. To ensure that the experience is retained, you must complete assignments before or immediately following certification. Many colleges have both online and in-person courses, from which you can choose.

How does Lean Six Sigma help me?

The Lean Six Sigma Certification assists quality-conscious workers of manufacturing or service companies in gaining skills and mastering cutting-edge techniques. It also provides a foundation for them to train their teams about how to improve their skills. The Lean Six Sigma Experts of Pennsylvania Certification improves a company’s understanding of metrics and strategies. They will teach their team members effective problem-solving tactics.

Lean Six Sigma Certification offers you a competitive edge whether the potential is inside or outside of your own company. Are you employed by a big company or a small start-up? Is the company making use of robots or artificial intelligence? Companies are searching for Lean 6 Sigma consultants to assist them in their long-term transition.

This is a promising career path to take if you want to start your own company. Companies are also looking for Lean 6 Sigma experts to serve as mentors and trainers. Certification from Lean Six Sigma Experts of Pennsylvania will help you succeed in your business career.


Any expert will not do. You'll want to find a Lean Six Sigma specialist who will work with you to understand the company's vision and priorities. The mentor you want should be well-versed in Lean Six Sigma methodologies as well as familiar with business environments similar to yours.

Working on a project with various resources can be both fun and frustrating. Green Belts and Black Belts may want to expend more energy than required to collect data unrelated to the project charter. You want a partner who can guide and lead you in the program with project assistance such as data collection, analysis, and assessment, as well as the variety of available methods and procedures to keep the project charter on track and avoid scope creep. You and the production team will almost certainly talk about project implementation challenges and difficulties, as well as time management. Many candidates will need more coaching than others; the project team can assist if needed. The goal should always be to ensure the effective implementation of Lean Six Sigma in your company.

The following are some of the reasons why Six Sigma certification should be obtained:

Promotion to a Managerial Role

You would have a greater understanding of how every Lean Six Sigma project will measure and quantify its financial benefits after completing and gaining certification for a Lean Six Sigma course. The Lean Six Sigma Certification will help practitioners better understand financial management and risk assessments. These abilities are highly regarded by middle and upper management for senior management positions.

Outstanding salary

The certification of Lean Six Sigma experts is a challenging job. The results are intriguing, but the tests are difficult to carry out. Moving from one Belt to the next, on the other hand, necessitates years of clinical experience. As a result, it should come as no surprise that Six Sigma Certification practitioners are well paid.

Get hands-on quality control experience

Experience in the field, as well as analytical methods gained through the Lean Six Sigma Certification process, can be extended to real-world scenarios. Beginning a Lean Six Sigma Certification course allows you to gain valuable expertise long before you begin working.

The Lean Six Sigma certification demonstrates a certain degree of knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools. Although there are no universally agreed certification criteria, general experience has identified many Lean Six Sigma skill levels. Our certification rankings for Lean Six Sigma Belts are Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt.

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt is appropriate for Lean Six Sigma project team members whose positions are reflected in their titles. They must be familiar with and understand the process, as well as be able to use Lean Six Sigma methods and technology.

Green Belt

Green Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma is equivalent to team leader status. These change agents will lead a forward-thinking effort focused on the mathematical methodology required by Lean Six Sigma. They are the service and project team leaders.

Black Belt

A Black Belt is a Lean Six Sigma specialist. These individuals are expected to lead cross-functional growth activities and to act as mentors and consultants to Green Belt team leaders. It is the responsibility of these decision-makers to resolve any disagreements on which tool or process should be used or how it should be carried out. They also do Phase Gate project assessments.

A branch of the Black Belt is the Master Black Belt. The curriculum is overseen by the company's senior Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. These individuals do not have a formal Lean Six Sigma certification; however, to effectively administer the program, they must integrate Lean Six Sigma skills into organizational culture and values.


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